Our CAD Lab has the ability to make, modify and distribute any last data that may be needed for design and production. State of the art New Last digitisers allow us to duplicate existing lasts with nearly perfect accuracy. Then using the latest software in the industry we can provide exactly what our customers want/ need. File Formats supported include; .igs, .stl, .hor, .frv, .sec, .snf, h2k, .def, .pdf, etc.


Model Making

The key to making successful prototypes still lies with skilled model making. At each Yin Hwa facility there are full development centres with highly competent model makers who are able to work closely with the customers to create beautiful models that are exactly to customer specifications.







Controlling the fit of the shoe is the main role of a shoe last. The best way to do this is by creating a standardized system of shanks, heel curves, cuboids, and measurements. Creating such a system is no easy task and takes time to develop. Yin Hwa has ample experience in setting up these systems. Our skilled staff can work closely with brand technicians throughout this process and add our expert opinions. 



Shoe production is spread throughout the world more than ever before. This is why it is important for Yin Hwa to have a global presence. Our strategic locations allow us to offer our products and services efficiently throughout the world.