About Us

Yin Hwa has a rich heritage which began with the founding of Mobbs Miller in England in 1885.Nearly 100 years later, in 1982, Mobbs Miller brought their expertise in the European development process to Asia by starting Yin Hwa in Taiwan.In the following years the company grew rapidly. Despite changes in the company and industry, maintaining  the fundamental practices enstilled by Mobbs Miller has remained a priority. Yin Hwa is now truly global with locations in the USA, China, Vietnam, and now Indonesia.

Throughout this evolution Yin Hwa has invested heavily in technology and machinery. Using the most advanced last making technology and built from superior material and workmanship our lasts are used to make footwear for premium brands all over the world, such as Asics, Timberland, PUMA, Reebok, Adidas, etc. Many of them have stayed with Yin Hwa for years.

Yin Hwa also worked with partners such as framas in Germany, Springline Last Co in the UK and Fagus last company of Germany. The goal is to build up the global network to provide unparalleled services to customers and to keep up with international fit standard and style trend.

All in all, Yin Hwa has a vision of being the quality supplier for premium brands. We strive to provide a high standard of development and production for clients who appreciate the importance of shoe lasts, and who are willing to invest in superieor product for ideal results. Yin Hwa believes the best way to survive this competitive world is to raise the quality of product to the next level.